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Java Robotics in Education

There’s no better way to bring abstract computer science concepts to life than through robotics. Integrating robotics with Java makes computer science tangible and relevant to students, engaging them in the learning process and enabling them to see their programs come to life in the actions of a robot.

Our book, Exploring Robotics with the IntelliBrain-Bot, provides the curriculum for an introductory robotics and computer science course. The curriculum assumes no prior programming experience and is suitable for students who have never programmed before, as well as students who are looking to extend their computer science training with hands-on experience developing robotics software.

The IntelliBrain™-Bot educational robot is easy to assemble and Java programmable, making it ideal for classroom use. Its design provides flexibility, which allows open-ended investigation of a wide variety of artificial intelligence and sensing techniques, yet its simplicity makes it suitable for introductory robotics and computer science courses. Its design allows operation on hard or carpeted surfaces, in large or small places. Its small size allows it to sit on the student’s desk while programming, testing and debugging.

If you would rather have your students construct their own robot from Lego® bricks, no problem, the IntelliBrain robotics controller is designed to easily mount directly on Lego bricks. Or, you can custom mount it on just about any other robot chassis.

The RoboJDE Java-enabled software development environment is an easy to use Java programming environment that allows students to focus on developing their programs without being frustrated by an assortment of disconnected software development tools. Unlike most other Java-based robotics products, RoboJDE supports the most essential features of Java, such as garbage collection, inheritance, interfaces, multi-threading, thread synchronization and floating point arithmetic. Your students will be applying real Java programming techniques, not learning a pseudo-Java language that doesn’t support real-world Java programming practices. With RoboJDE, high school robotics curriculum complements AP computer science curriculum, building and reinforcing skills that will prepare students for AP computer science exams.

The IntelliBrain robotics controller’s powerful Atmel ATmega128 microcontroller and copious memory provide ample computing power to execute advanced robot control algorithms. The IntelliBrain controller’s large number of sensor ports support study of a wide assortment of sensing technologies from simple touch sensors to vision sensors, such as the CMUcam. The IntelliBrain controller’s LCD display, two push buttons, thumbwheel, buzzer and infrared universal remote control receiver provide a flexible user interface.

If you are considering adding robotics curriculum, enhancing your existing robotics curriculum or looking to extend your computer science curriculum, RidgeSoft provides products that will inspire and engage your students and provide them with modern software development skills.

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Here's what educators have to say:

"...after only three days use we saw great potential in the use of this robot as a follow up to our Advanced Placement Java course."

Arthur Browne
District Robotics Project Manager
Nyack Shool District
Nyack, NY

"I am finding that the units work exceptionally well in the program I am using and the course outline has helped me tremendously so far this school year."

Frank C. Katona
Central High School
Bridgeport, CT

"Thank you for allowing us to use the IntelliBrain-Bot. It is an amazing piece of machinery and the students had a wonderful time learning about robotics through the use of the Bot."

Raymond T. Cottrell
Robotics Coach
Myra S. Barnes, IS 24 Staten Island, NY

"Now that my class is over for this semester I can report that the girls loved the robot programming! Since I am not too creative in this area, my goal was for the girls to write a program to circumnavigate our classroom. It worked great! The AP computer science kids will see more of the robot next year!"

Joe Beringer
Xavier College Prep.
Phoenix, AZ

"The novelty is intriguing for me and my students. I intend to do several projects with my AP class after the AP exam in May"

Tom Jonas
Technology Director
Trinity School
Midland, Texas

"We have used different microcontrolers in the past but the IntelliBrain is the best and is allowing us to implement serious robotic systems."

Carlos Carreto
Instituto Politécnico da Guarda
, Portugal

"Thank you for allowing us to evaluate the IntelliBrain-Bot. I enjoyed it immensely. I am most impressed with the way it works, and it really does allow for a hands-on explanation and immediate feedback of many programming aspects."

Rachel Friedman
The Manhattan School for Girls

"The bot is great. We will be using it with our robotics team. We have similar equipment already in use with our participation in Botball."

Tricia Jolly
CTE Business Instructor
Robotics Team Sponsor
Berkner High School
Richardson, Texas

"[Our robotics team] is particularly impressed with the relative ease of programming..."

Dr. Herbert Townsend Chairman Technology Labs Department
Tulsa High School for Science and Technology
Tulsa, Oklahoma

"The IntelliBrain-Bot works great. For the AP program this is a hands-on, hardware approach to the usually only software coding issue. The students enjoy seeing their code in action."

David Lieberman
Computer Science Teacher
North Hills Senior High
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

"[IntelliBrain-Bot] is a really cool product and has already produced quite a few learning moments."

Greg King
Computer Science Teacher
Dublin Coffman High School
Dublin, Ohio

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