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Building Complete Robots

The table below provides examples, tutorials and other resources for several complete robots. If you are just getting started with robotics, you may want to start with our IntelliBrain™-Bot educational robot and the Introduction to Java™ Robotics Tutorial Series. If you want to build your own robot, use this page for ideas for robots you can build using our IntelliBrain robotics controller and program with the RoboJDE™ Java-enabled robotics software development environment.

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A superb robot for beginning robotics enthusiasts who are interested in learning Java programming and the fundamentals of robot intelligence.

Introduction to Java Robotics Tutorial Series
IntelliBrain-Bot educational robot

RidgeWarrior II

The RidgeWarrior II is a robot that was developed in a five part tutorial series in SERVO Magazine. This robot is based on the IntelliBrain-Bot kit plus a pair of Sharp range sensors and a CMUcam. Though the tutorial uses a specific robot, most of the software is designed to be reusable, so it can be used to build other Java-programmed robots.

RidgeWarrior II

Mini-Sumo Robot

This is an easy to build robot that requires only the IntelliBrain robotics controller main board. It uses the Mark III robot chassis. The Mark III kit, the servo motors, the wheels and the sensors are available from

Building a Mini-Sumo Robot
Example code
IntelliBrain robotics controller
Mark III chassis


Who says building a balancing robot has to be expensive and difficult? With just two inexpensive infrared photoreflectors, an IntelliBrain controller, and some Lego® bricks you can build and program your own balancing robot before you know it!

Building a Balancing Robot
Example code
IntelliBrain robotics controller
Brick Link (Lego brick sales)

Integrating with Microsoft Robotics Studio

The IntelliBrain-Bot is an excellent robot to use with Microsoft Robotics Studio. Learn more by clicking the link to the right.

Microsoft Robotics Studio Integration


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