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  Chassis is a premium venue for individuals and businesses from all around the world to buy and sell new, used and vintage LEGO® through fixed price and auction services.

  Parallax   Makers of the Boe-Bot™ chassis included in the IntelliBrain™-Bot educational robot kit. Parallax offers many Boe-Bot add-ons that can be used with the IntelliBrain-Bot.
  Robot Electronics (Devantech)   The makers of a variety of advanced, yet inexpensive, sensors and effectors.  

Acroname carries a full line of sensors for robots including the WheelWatcher wheel encoder sensor.

  Mobile Robots by Jones, Flynn and Seiger   "A step-by-step guide through the process of constructing two different and inexpensive yet fully functional mobile robots."
- Book News, Inc.
  Introduction to AI Robotics by Murphy   "A text covering every aspect of the artificial intelligence approach to robotics. Also covers all of the material needed to program a robot for applications involving sensing, navigation, planning, and uncertainty." - Amazon
  Robotic Explorations by Martin   "Written by one of the founders of the famous MIT "6270" Lego Robotic design Competition, Robotic Explorations: A Hands-On Introduction to Engineering engages students in hands-on robot building, emphasizing technological systems of all kinds-electrical, mechanical, and computational." - Publisher
  Computational Principles of Mobile Robotics by Dudek and Jenkin   "This is a textbook for advanced undergraduate and graduate students in the field of mobile robotics. Emphasizing computation and algorithms, the authors address a range of strategies for enabling robots to perform tasks that involve motion and behavior." - Amazon
  Sensors for Mobile Robots by Everett   "Discusses the principles, requirements, and both prototype and commercially available products for tactile and proximity sensing, triangulation ranging, acoustic and electromagnetic sensors, guidepaths, magnetic compasses, gyroscopes, collision avoidance, and application-specific sensors." - Book News, Inc.
  Robot Sumo by Miles   "A one of a kind resource for creating powerful and innovative Sumo or Mini-Sumo robots. Packed with helpful diagrams, schematics, sample programs, and action photos of robots from around the world." - Amazon
  Just Java 2 by Van Der Linden   "Besides excellent production values (and something of the free-spirited "edge" of programmer culture), this book covers all the bases for client-side Java in considerable depth. A product of the author's extensive teaching and computing experience, van der Linden makes "big picture" topics clear, including object-oriented programming. His patient and clear tour of the details of Java syntax and basic language features is simply one of the best." - Amazon
  Java Programming from the Beginning by King   "Suitable for the classroom or for self-study, Java Programming from the Beginning puts basic Java development and object-oriented design into the hands of any computer-literate reader. Assuming no knowledge of computers--except, of course, an aptitude for programming and a willingness to learn--this textbook is one of the more accessible and well-presented introductions to Java available today." - Amazon
  Servo Magazine   "Whether you're building your first line-follower or finishing off the perception layer in a positronic brain, Servo Magazine delivers the sharp technical tools you need to stay on the cutting edge." - Servo
  Robot   "Robot makes the exciting world of robotics more accessible than ever to established robot hobbyists, entry-level enthusiasts and mainstream consumers who are curious about the latest developments on the new frontiers in robotics." - Robot
  Robotics Trends   Robotics Trends covers developments in the personal, service, mobile and military robotics markets, through exclusive features, insightful analysis and the latest news.




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