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Using Sensors

The table below provides examples, tutorials and other resources that will help you learn about some of the many sensors you can use to build your robot.

  Description Resources

CMUcam Vision Sensor

Add a CMUcam vision sensor to your robot to allow it to track colorful objects.

Pick up a CMUcam Cable and Mounting Kit from the RidgeSoft store to interface your CMUcam to the IntelliBrain robotics controller and mount the camera on your IntelliBrain-Bot robot.

Vision Sensing with the CMUcam
CMUcam web site
Seattle Robotics (CMUcam vendor)
Buy a CMUcam Cable & Mounting Kit

Sharp Infrared Range Sensors

These are great sensors to add to your robot for object detection and avoidance, as well as range sensing.

Purchase a kit with two sensors, cables and IntelliBrain-Bot mounting hardware from the RidgeSoft store.

Range Sensor Kit Assembly Guide
Buy a Range Sensor Kit
IntelliBrain GP2D12 example code
IntelliBrain GP2Y0A02 example code
IntelliBrain GP2Y0A21 example code

Fairchild QRB1134 Infrared Photoreflector

QRB1134 photoreflectors make great line sensors and can also be used with the IntelliBrain-Bot for wheel position encoding. These sensors attach to an analog input port but require a current limited circuit to power the emitter. The IntelliBrain controller provides an extra pin on four of its analog ports to power the emitter on these sensors.

Purchase a line sensor kit from the RidgeSoft store with two sensors and mounting hardware to mount them on the underside of your IntelliBrain-Bot.

Line Sensor Kit Assembly Guide
Buy a Line Sensor Kit
Line Following Poster
Creating Shaft Encoders for Wheel Position Sensing

Devantech CMPS03 Magnetic Compass

The Devantech magnetic compass allows a robot to sense direction based on the Earth's magnetic field. The CMPS03 has a pulse interface and an I2C interface.

Devantech products
CMPS03 I2C example code

CMPS03 pulse example code

Devantech SRF04 and SRF08 Sonar Range Finders

The Devantech sonar range finders are great little sensors for sensing objects and measuring distances. The SRF04 provides a pulse output that can interface to the IntelliBrain, Handy Board or Sumo11 controllers. The SRF08 is more sophisticated and requires an I2C port, so it only works with the IntelliBrain.

Sonar Made Simple
Devantech products
SRF04 example code

SRF08 example code

Nubotics WheelWatcher WW-01 and WW-02

The Nubotics WheelWatcher sensors are excellent quadrature shaft encoders designed specifically for use with hobby servo motors (WW-01) and Solarbotics gearhead motors (WW-02). These are great sensors for speed and position control, navigation, odometry, kinematics and stall detection applications.

WheelWatcher example code
Acroname (distributor)


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