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Microsoft® Robotics Studio Integration

With RidgeSoft's Microsoft Robotics Studio integration you can now program and control your IntelliBrain-Bot educational robot or your custom IntelliBrain 2 robotics controller-based robot via a host computer. The IntelliBrain line of products gives you a wide range of possiblities, from full remote control of your robot via Microsoft Robotics Studio, to fully autonomous operation, with all intelligence executing on the IntelliBrain robotics controller. Because of it's ability to multitask and communicate reliably via Bluetooth, the IntelliBrain controller is especially well suited for untethered, semi-autonomous control with high-level intelligence executing remotely on a PC while low-level, time critical tasks, are handled autonomously by your robot.

RidgeSoft's Microsoft Robotics Studio includes:

  • source code for Microsoft Robotics Studio services for the IntelliBrain-Bot educational robot, which you can use as-is or modify to add new capabalities
  • source code for the IntelliBrain-Bot educational robot host interface program, which you can extend as you add sensors and other features to your robot
  • a reliable, flow controlled and extensible messaging protocol between the robot and host computer

RidgeSoft's Microsoft Robotics Studio integration makes it easy for you to add new services and enhance the control program running on your IntelliBrain-Bot educational robot, allowing you to add new sensors, actuators or intelligence to your robot.

Click the following links to download documentation and examples:

IntelliBrain-Bot Host Interface Program
Microsoft Robotics Studio Services

To use the example programs you will need:

  • IntelliBrain-Bot Deluxe educational robot
  • Bluetooth serial adapters for your PC and robot
  • Microsoft Robotics Studio Installed on your host computer
  • Visual C# installed on your host computer
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